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  • 2003: Trophy for Best Town
  • 2000,2001,2003: Merit Award OATF
  • 2000: 3rd Prize Overall Exihibition - Africities Conference
Ongwediva Town Council :: Sam Nujoma Multi-Purpose Centre

Sam Nujoma Multi-Purpose Center

Sam Nujoma Multi Purpose Centre – An Overview

The Sam Nujoma Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC) was built by the Ongwediva Town Council in the year 2002 with assistance from two sister towns in Belgium . Additional funding and support has been provided by USAID through its cooperation agreement with Family Health International. Recently USAID has contracted PACT Inc. to administer its funds and PACT Inc. will continue funding the programs at the centre for health training, specifically HIV/AIDS activities and orphans and vulnerable children. An HIV Impact Assessment was conducted through the sponsorship and guidance of USAID and FHI in 2002, and a Strategic Plan 2005 - 2007 was developed from the outcome to guide the programmes of the centre.

Ongwediva Town Council, Oshana regional authorities and the community recognised the need to empower the people of Ongwediva and Oshana Region at large in meeting their educational, social, health and development needs. Through a consensus-building workshop with the community and stakeholders, the Ongwediva Town Council built this centre to provide a variety of programmes and community services, including youth, orphans and vulnerable children, Information Technology and HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support programmes for people living with HIV and AIDS. The MPC is governed by a multi-sectored Advisory Committee and provides input and approval for development projects implemented by the centre.

What are Sam Nujoma MPC Objectives

The overall objective is to reduce new infections of HIV and other STIs and increase the use of treatment options for those infected with the HIV virus.

Who are the Sam Nujoma MPC Staff Members?

The centre is currently staffed with five full-time staff (Coordinator, Computer Trainer/Coordinator Assistant, OVC Project Officer, Training Officer and Administrative Assistant). Several volunteers from Peace Corps and Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) had joined the centre and had since completed their services.

The Centre is conveniently located in the centre of Ongwediva town next to the offices of the OTC, and within easy walking distance for members of the community. The Centre aims to provide a community and youth friendly atmosphere where people of all ages can feel comfortable, use the library, have access to computer training and Internet, and learn about health, environmental and other issues affecting their community, including HIV/AIDS and income generating activities.

Sam Nujoma MPC believes that it is vital to help the community realise how important it is to help themselves. This is why we have embarked upon a program of giving information and Educating the community about HIV/AIDS and expecting the community to respond and utilise the centre at its maximum capacity.

HIV Aids Outreach Education

Comprehensive community outreach to mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS on the community, Sam Nujoma MPC has embarked upon an HIV AIDS Outreach Education to implement comprehensive prevention, care and support programs.

The Multi Purpose Centre aims to reduce the rate of HIV infection in the Ongwediva community, through community and youth-friendly services.

The youth prevention program uses mass media, participatory drama, peer education songs, arts, and recreational events with Abstinence & Be faithful focused message .

Community outreach:

Schools: Outreach and peer educators conduct awareness session with school learners to set up AIDS clubs and establish the Window of hope program in conjunction with schools' HIV/Aids focal persons/teachers.

The workplace : Outreach Educators conduct HIV/Aids awareness sessions and train the peer educators for workplaces HIV /Aids prevention program as well monitor and support these programs.

Awareness sessions are not limited to schools and workplaces only but we also go to shopping centers, settlements, shebeens and to any other places where the community gather.

Download document for more information :  OTC PMC after school program

OVC After School Program

Objective of the After School Programme —to provide a comprehensive programme for the orphans and vulnerable children of Ongwediva Town and surrounding villages in a friendly, safe and caring environment. The motto of “food for thought” – “iikulya yo madilaadilo” – has been adopted as a reminder of the importance of developing the minds and bodies of children through mentoring, discipline, support, love and nutrition. The centre is doing the following through the After-School Programme.

  • Homework assistance - tutoring, mentoring, educational tools, peer support
  • Organized recreation – supervised games, open play, team sports, arts and craft activities, drama, traditional dance and music
  • Life skills training – personal hygiene, social behaviours and responsibilities, education/schooling, healthy living (to include HIV/AIDS awareness, alcohol abuse, sexual behaviours and other risky behaviours)
  • mid-day snack and meal of soup and bread
  • support services for caregivers and guardians of OVC
  • computer training scholarships for OVC age 14 and older
  • income generating skills training scholarships for OVC age 18 and older
  • Workshops and awareness sessions on coping skills, home management and psycho-social development skill

Income Generation Project

Sam Nujoma MPC seeks to enhance opportunities for income generation and self-sufficiency for youth living in the communities of Oshana region and more specifically, in the town of Ongwediva . The program seeks also to empower, stimulate creativity and motivate unemployed or otherwise disadvantaged people, including those living with HIV and AIDS.

Support Group for people Affected by HIV/Aids

A group of people living with HIV/AIDS is based at the centre with a membership of 51 people. The group has its own constitution and leadership . The centre is trying by all means to empower the group and connect the group to institutions for training and income generation opportunities

Home based Care component

Basically a new component to provide care and support for PLWHA.

20 individuals recently trained by UNAM to provide the services to the community

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